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For years, I was told by an ex-partner that my writing was a waste of time; that first books are NEVER published, and that no one reads poetry anymore. 

I believe that all words are worth reading and every human being is deserving of a chance to be heard.  So in 2002, at the age of 38 I began the long journey towards fufilling my dream.  I pulled all of my poems together into a manuscript and called it "Inspired Woman". Realizing that book publishers prefer an author with a track record, I submitted some of my poems to a few Canadian poetry magazines, anthologies and literary journals. Just a few months after I sent the first submission, I received a reply. Soon followed another, and another.

1 of my poems was published in Hammered Out, 2 in  Quills Poetry Magazine, and more were chosen and featured in online poetry magazines.  In February 2003 I was the Featured Poet on Creative Women, a site for women who write, paint and dream.  I was also a featured poet in the Spring issue of Ascent Online Magazine.  In November of 2004, I had multiple poems published in a book of poetry entitled  "Lesbian Spirit-Words from Within" and 4 more in "Lust", an anthology of erotic works by many talented Canadian poets; published by William Byron Sheardown.  2 pieces appeared in The Real Eight View Issue 5,  and still others in the April Issue of Ascent Online Magazine.  2 poems were published in "New Classic Poems", a First Edition anthology by the founder of "Contemporary Formal Poetry" Neil Harding McAlister. 3 years after my first submission, I appeared  in Quills for the 3rd time, and was included in Grey Borders: Pop Culture Magazine!

Now with mighty pen in hand and a determination sharper than ever I am marching forward like an Amazon warrior... intent on publishing Inspired Woman!

And so I say to the above-mentioned ex...  

"While you are busy eating your words, I'll continue writing mine!"




~All poetry on this site is copyrighted to Karen Godson. You are welcome to share my poetry with your loved ones provided credit is given to me. You may copy/paste  your favourites into an email or make a card and use my poems to express yourself. Feel free to print and give them to someone you think would enjoy them. HOWEVER, publishing any poems or prose , either in soft (web site,forum,blog) or hard (book, magazine)format is by written permission only.  Thank you!


In the end, it is the last word we speak that is most remembered. Peace.